Serverless Apps, APIs, and Automations Built With Crowdsourcing

Step 1: Define Function

Work with our Project Manager to define the function that you need. We will get the exact requirements from you.

Step 2: Function Written

We find the best person to write the code for you and get the code written. At every point your function is deployable.

Step 3: Launch

Once the code is written you are ready to launch. Deploy it within your infrastructure using the Serverless Framework.

MapReduce Your Coding

Get APIs, Automations, and Apps written with and deployed quickly with no infrastructure to maintain.

  • Scale Your Development

    Scale your development to the Crowd and get features developed quickly while ensuring isolation to protect your IP.

  • Standardized Stack

    All code is standardized on Typescript running on AWS Lambda Node.js 10 Runtime with a PostgreSQL database.

  • Release Faster

    Get code written faster without a lot of headaches. Release new features and make the world a better place.