Crowdsourced Serverless Microservices

Cost Effective

Save money by using AWS Lambda and get apps built quickly.

PythonAWS LambdaPostgreSQL
Build Faster

Trust our highly trained Elastic Coders to work on your code.

Crowdsource24 Hour Workforce
Advance Humanity

We donate 1% of all invoices to worthwhile causes.

Social GoodFight Climate Change
  • Elastic Workforce

    Every microservice we create has a Coach, Dedicated Coder, and a Backup Coder. This ensures that your project is always moving forward.

  • Easy Deployments

    Every Git Branch deploys your code into isolated environments leading to faster development cycles.

  • AWS & Serverless

    Everything we do is written in Python3 on AWS Lambda and deployed using the Serverless Framework onto Your AWS Infrastructure.

How It Works

Create an App and add Components that you want to have built. Crowdsource it to our Elastic Coders. Only pay for approved code!


20% of Component Price

opsZero: Migrate Your Infrastructure to Kubernetes


To ensure High Quality and Fast Delivery we have created some Constraints.

Python Only

All our code runs on AWS Lambda running on the Python3.8 Runtime. All code starts from scratch.


All responses are in JSON, we do not do UX or design work. We make the services that power your frontend amazing!

AWS Only

We only use AWS. If you need a different Cloud provider or need to deploy outside of AWS Lambda we are not a good fit. Also we support the follow databases Aurora/RDS PostgreSQL and DynamoDB

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