The Best Way to Built Cloud Apps Using an Elastic Workforce


WebApps built using GatsbyJS and Bootstrap CSS. Mobile Apps build with React Native for iOS and Android. Backend built with AWS Lambda and PostgreSQL.

GatsbyJSReactAWS Lambda

Apply AI to Your Apps. Find Insights, Create Advancements,

AIVisionNatural Language

Build IoT Services that run on Devices. But intelligent Products that work with the Physical World in Unique Ways.

AWS GreengrassRaspberryPiSensors

Build Rapidly

  • Elastic Workforce

    Build WebApps, MobileApps and Backends using our Elastic Workers. Our Workfoce is trained to build apps in a standardized

  • Live Stages

    Every Branch of Code is deployed to give you a completely independent environment to verify and test your changes. Always know exactly where you are. Never be surprised at the results.

  • Management & Hosting

    Let us manage your apps for you. We will deploy to a Compliance-oriented Cloud Environment and manage you App Submissions.

Your Elastic Team

We work as if we are a part of your team until the project is completed. We do this by using Dropbox Paper and Slack.


A Coach will work with you to define your Project and ensure the work is completed. They will find and support the engineers that are best able to complete your work. You will work with them to create Weekly Sprints so you know when deliverables will be met and they are always accessible on Slack.


Our Engineers create code using Agile Processes so that your code is deployable from the moment we start working on it. We have strict guidelines on tests, code structure, and quality so you can ensure that you are getting high quality code that can be easily extended.


Coding & Coach

Management & Hosting
$499 / Month + AWS Charges

HIPAA / PCI / SOC2 AWS Environment

Code Hosting

Apple App Store Submission

Google Play Store Submission

opsZero: Kubernetes Migration as a Service

Migrate your existing infrastructure to Kubernetes and join the Container world while Saving Money and Being Secure!

Why you shouldn't use us!

Everyone wants to tell you why you should use them. We want to tell you why you shouldn't use us because we may not be a good match for you.

TypeScript & Python Only

We do not do anything outside of React, GatsbyJS, Typescript/Javascript, AWS Lambda, PostgreSQL and React Native. We start from scratch and don't work on existing codebases.

Bootstrap & React Elements

We do not do UX work. We make the application functional and responsive using Bootstrap CSS and React Elements. Additional design can be attained through our Partners.

AWS Only

We only work with AWS. If you need a different Cloud provider we are not a good fit.