Crowdsourced Serverless Microservices

Save Money

Save money by using AWS Lambda and Serverless Infrastructure.

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Build Faster

Use our elastic workforce to build your backend apps quickly.

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Painfree Deployments

Your app is deployed the moment it is created so you can use it immediately.

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  • Elastic Workforce

    Our elastic workforce allows you to build Serverless Apps quickly. Get REST APIs and Scheduled Jobs created for your Mobile Apps, create Automations, and more.

  • Quality

    Every piece of code we write for you goes through our high-quality bar. We ensure that it is well tested, simple to understand, and modular so that new features can be added quickly.

  • Standardized

    Every piece of we code is standardized. Our code is written for Python3.8 to run on AWS Lambda, we use the Serverless Framework to deploy, and we run it on your AWS Infrastructure. We reduce surprises!

How It Works

We work with you to build your microservice.


We help you set up your service, figure out what the spec is, and then split the service into different components. We deploy your App immediately so that you have a scaffold to start using immediately.


Send each component to be coded with an elastic coder, choosing how much to pay. If an Elastic Coder accepts your bid, they will start working on your component. You can see their progress as they push code by connecting to the branch deployments.


Once code has been written, we merge it back into the production branch and deploy it immediately and pay the worker that has finished the work. You can start using the service immediately.


We do a few things and we do them well.

Python Only

All our code runs on AWS Lambda running on the Python3.8 Runtime. All code starts from scratch.

API Only

We only create APIs and we do not do UX or design. All interaction with the service is through HTTP Resources and JSON.

AWS Lambda Only

We only use AWS Lambda. If you need a different serverless provider we are not a good fit. Also we support the follow databases AWS Aurora Serverless for PostgreSQL and DynamoDB.

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