Our Vision is Ideas Deployed Faster to Advance Humanity. One of the best ways to advance humanity at the moment is to apply software to hard problems. However, we understand that software and building software is still a special skill that few organizations have expertise in. Further, building software and dealing with code deployments are still a huge pain. We wanted to solve this problem and make building software available to everyone.

Serverless Computing solves a lot of the low-level problems of infrastructure like managing hosting, security, and reducing the cost of running code. Serverless simplifies the deployment of code while also making code smaller and easier to maintain software. We believe that Serverless allows us to create code at scale using an Elastic Workforce to build the software while providing Intellectual Property protection, security, and scalability.

Primitive provides this platform. We crowdsource the creation of serverless apps while working hard to ensure quality, deployments, and worker management. This allows anyone anywhere to have software built quickly. We are starting with the creation of code for AWS Lambda on the Python3 Runtime deployed with the Serverless Framework.

We hope that Primitive will lead to a Cambrian explosion of software that can help solve humanity's hardest problems and create a new generation of entrepreneurs.