opsZero Blog

We are a different type of development agency. We are focused on fewer things. We promise to do less, but we are hyper focused on those few things that we promise. We only build software based on Serverless technologies such as AWS Lambda and GatsbyJS that deploy to AWS Lambda, Netlify, or AWS S3.

We do not do UX work, but we make things look good with Bootstrap and React. We do not do code outside of Typescript, but we ensure the code we write is well written and tested. We do not use a database outside of PostgreSQL, but we use all the features to their full benefit. We do not promise the world but promise a solid building block to your organization.

Serverless is the future of Computing, and we want to take you on that journey. We bring you all the benefits Serverless brings, including lower costs, faster testing and deployment, no servers, no DevOps, and being faster to market. If something doesn’t fit within a Serverless paradigm, we don’t do it!

We have an elastic team of the best talent around the world to work on your projects while protecting your IP and ensuring all code is consistent. We hope that this leads to a reliable end product that will delight your customers.