Start Building Your Apps

An Assembly Line for Apps

We create code in a completely standardized way ensuring that your code can be worked on by anyone in our Elastic Workforce. We have standardized on the following technologies:

  • WebApp
    • GatsbyJS
    • React
    • Bootstrap CSS
  • Backend
    • AWS Lambda
    • Serverless Framework
    • PostgreSQL
    • NPM Libraries
  • Mobile
    • React Native
    • React Elements
  • Common
    • TypeScript

If you are looking for technologies outside of this, we are not a good fit. By standardizing heavily on a few technologies, we can ensure high quality, repeatable deployments and regular updates overtime. Every new customer teaches us how to standardize further so that we can provide value faster.


Our onboarding process includes the following:

  • Contracts / Non-Disclosure
  • Slack
  • Code Repository Setup
  • AWS Setup

Coding Sprints

Step 1: Plan

We start a new batch of work on Tuesdays. Every Tuesday your Coach will work with you to gather the requirements and deliverables for the following week. This includes everything that needs to be delivered by the following Monday. Everything we do has a weekly delivery of the following Monday so please expect everything we do to be delivered by then unless we are completely blocked.

Step 2: Build and Deploy

We deploy every Git Branch into an independent environment so you can verify the expected behavior. We work with you constantly to ensure that the feature is correct.

Step 3: Retrospective

At the end of every Sprint we ensure everything is delivered and work with you to figure out what went right and wrong. We strive to constantly improve so we use this as a time to get feedback from you to improve our processes for the next iteration.

Step 4: Goto Step 1